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the UK’s leading sheet plant in South West 
the UK’s leading sheet plant in South West 

Neil Harris 

Having 35+ years of professional experience in the printing industry and 5+ years in the corrugated industry, Neil holds the role of Operations Manager at S.H. Fiske. Neil is responsible for the production, procurement and planning of daily operations. 
Outside the office, Neil enjoys playing golf, skiing and watching rugby. Neil is a season ticket holder at the Bristol Bears rugby union team. He is also a member of the Knowle Golf Club. 

Craig Cumming 

Craig has spent 30+ years working in the print & packaging industry, along with 10+ years at S.H. Fiske. Craig holds the role of Cardboard Engineer, and his responsibilities include packaging design and various preproduction activities. 
Outside his professional life, Craig enjoys watching Formula One and collecting freshwater tropical and marine fish. Craig has a large aquarium at home with many rare fish. 

Tracey Robbins 

Tracey has been with S.H. Fiske for 20+ years, and she holds the role of Office Manager. Tracey is responsible for providing financial and administrative support to the company, whether it’s completing payments, controlling expenses, or processing invoices. 
Outside work, Tracey is passionate about gardening and keeping animals. She has four horses and four Staffordshire Bull Terrier dogs. Tracey is the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme examiner. She is also a member of the East Anglia Staffordshire Bull Terrier Display Team. Impressively, one of Tracey’s dogs was filmed in the Hollywood movie “Show Dogs” (2018). 

Ekaterina Bondarchuk 

Having professional experience in client relationship management, marketing, sales and public relations, Ekaterina holds the role of Quality System Manager at S.H. Fiske. Ekaterina is in charge of the company’s quality system, ensuring the standards are met. She is also responsible for managing the key customer accounts in her role. 
Outside work, Ekaterina is passionate about photography, travelling, skiing and mountaineering. In 2014, Ekaterina pioneered a 3,403 meter mountain as part of her family and named it after her grandfather - a famous Russian alpinist and academic. 

Sean Baxter 

Sean has been around the corrugated industry ‘man and boy’. After two stints at RH Fibreboard initially as Operations Manager (1999-2009) Sean became Managing Director at RH Fibreboard in (2018) and SH Fiske this year (2023). Sean’s main role in the business is to oversee all the departments across RH Fibreboard’s three factories, from their day to day running to their long term strategies. 
Outside of his professional work environment, Sean enjoys spending time with his daughter and his wife. He is keen on home renovations and likes to spend time on his land and supporting the hobbies of his family by actively helping look after horses and the stables. Sean enjoys trips to the theatre, London and dining out. 

Steve Gabell 

Steve now has over 20 years’ experience in the industry, starting as an Area Sales Representative for RH Fibreboard in Wellington in 2003. Now as Sales Director for RH Fibreboard (since 2018) and SH Fiske this year (2023) Steve’s main role is to look after the external sales forces and the commercial side of the business overseeing all of the activity involved with clients and customers and strategic approaches in Sales and Marketing. 
Outside his professional employment, Steve enjoys spending time with his family, fitness, and exercise. Steve has a keen interest in triathlon and is also a qualified personal trainer ‘just for fun’. Steve loves taking breaks either abroad or in the UK with his ‘go to’ short break being on the Cornish Coastline. 

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