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the UK’s leading sheet plant in South West 
the UK’s leading sheet plant in South West 

  S.H. Fiske is committed to:    

Caring for the environment and the prevention of pollution. 
Abiding by all relevant environmental legislation and applicable requirements. 
Minimising waste, promoting recycling, reducing energy and raw material consumption, and reducing harmful emissions. 
Working with customers and suppliers to promote positive environmental actions. 
Continually looking at ways of improving our environmental performance within our organisation. 
Communicating our policy within our organisation, our customers and suppliers. 
Everyone is responsible for the environmental aspects of the company and for reducing their impact. 

Circular Economy 

S.H. Fiske always looks to utilise resources in the most efficient manner. 
Therefore, we’ve incorporated circularity and resource efficiency into our business model. Since the circular economy is based on reduction, reuse and recycling elements, most of our approaches can be defined within the three categories below. 
At S.H. Fiske, we always design our products to perform in an optimum way while using the least amount of material possible. 
This results in lower costs passed onto our customers and improved environmental sustainability. Furthermore, to minimise harm to the environment as much as possible, we constantly invest in new machinery, which reduces the amount of waste produced during set-ups. Lastly, our Quality System promotes the effectiveness and frequency of in-process inspections to reduce the number of production rejects. 
By nature, our preferred material is corrugated cardboard, which is fully recyclable, reusable and compostable. 
Inside Test liners are made of 100% recycled material, and outside Kraft surfaces are purchased from sustainable sources. 
The S.H. Fiske's production facility boasts a fully integrated cardboard Waste Management System. 
All of our waste material is collated and compacted, ready for collection by local recycling suppliers. This material will then usually be recycled and back in the corrugated sector within 2-6 weeks. 

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